New Heart, New Julian

Since Julian’s surgery, his energy has really increased! Here’s a few highlights of JT showing off his ability to hold himself up longer on his tummy and in the Bumbo.  We’re also practicing his sitting up on his own, rolling over and grabbing.

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6 Responses to New Heart, New Julian

  1. lisa says:

    You can see the energy increase in his smile alone! I am so very, very happy for you and thank you for keeping us up to date on his progress!

    My cousin went through the same thing. He only had 10% of his blood moving out of his heart at a time. Now that he has a new heart valves he is back in the swing of things!!1

  2. Graham, Tammy and Jack says:

    Now that’s a biiiiiiig smile!!!

  3. Kent says:

    What a happy dude! I think I see reflections of his parents’ smiles in Julian’s cheerful face…

  4. Grandma Mather says:

    Wow! Julian has made a lot of progress since his surgery! Such big, enthusiastic “look what I can do!” smiles. Even his eyes are brighter. Way to go, JT! xoxoxo

  5. michelle chami hogan says:

    I’m so happy to see Julian’s beautiful smile and… so energetic- !!! the blog is really great, its great to be updated on his progress. thanks for sharing all the letters – they are so inspiring! oh and of course love the photos too!

  6. glm0210 says:

    Kate McMahon Hermsdorfer Great news and great pictures. Thanks, Gretchen!
    January 20 at 6:23pm · Like

    Kim Klemek Such a strong little man! Can’t wait to see him again! Let’s set up a date!
    January 20 at 6:52pm · Like

    Kathy Kew Lee Wow, it looks like he’s doing great! What a busy boy. :)
    January 20 at 7:03pm · Like

    Kathy Karch He looks fantastic! There’s such a light in his eyes. It’s amazing how fast little babies heal.
    January 20 at 7:43pm · Like

    Graham Mather so happy to hear this! that kid is happy!
    January 20 at 9:11pm · Like

    Cyndy Falwell Pitta He is seriously so cute! Nolan and Julian need to meet!!! Glad to hear that the recovery is going well. :)
    January 20 at 9:33pm · Like

    Lareshka Ramlukan He is gorgeous Gretchen!!! So glad that he is doing well. Hope that you and Tom are well.

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