Videos of milestones so far 0 – 11 months

I had some time to upload videos of Julian’s milestones so far! Enjoy. Sometime soon I plan to upload “fun” videos with Julian doing other things besides hitting his milestones. ;-)  Stay tuned and thanks for reading/watching!

Julian lifting head up at 3 weeks

Julian rolling over at 6 mo. 3 weeks

Julian sitting up at 8 mo.(he started at 7 mo.)

Julian standing up while holding crib 9 mo.

Julian getting up on hands and knees at 9.5 mo.

Julian spoon feeding himself (with assistance) at 10.5 mo. (he started at 9.5 mo.)

Julian drinking from straw at 11 months!

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6 Responses to Videos of milestones so far 0 – 11 months

  1. Becky says:

    Hi Gretchen,

    I’m glad you visited my blog and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at Julian’s videos! He is absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to capture some of my munchkin’s milestones…we’re constantly working on it! Looking forward to reading future posts!


  2. Hope Noar says:

    I totally enjoyed these videos, but I am most impressed with the one of Julian feeding himself. He knows exactly what to do with that spoon. And he is getting cuter and cuter! You and Tom are awesome parents, talking to him with lots of expression. He is going to have a great personality! Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. danielle says:

    Gretchen-I love the videos. Julian is doing such an amazing job!

  4. glm0210 says:

    Kathy Frisby Looks like he might be a leftie like his Grandpa Geoff in the video of him feeding himself. Getting to be such a big boy!!!
    May 7 at 3:53pm · Like

    Abby Allan way tooo cute! love how he is a little camera lover :)
    May 8 at 9:04am · Like

  5. glm0210 says:

    Kim Klemek yay for Julian!!!
    May 9 at 1:53pm · Like

    Hope Canter Noar I am impressed! He is learning so much at his young age!
    May 9 at 2:25pm · Like

    Amy Mikolajczyk Callow Adorable video!!
    May 9 at 2:26pm · Like

    Katrina Steinmetz Soltero I love all the videos- amazing to see him holding up his head at three weeks and now all he’s doing these days. It’s exciting that he’ll be a birthday boy in a month!
    May 9 at 3:20pm · Like
    Gretchen Mather Thanks everyone for sharing in our celebration of his milestones, both big and small! I’m particularly excited that he is getting better at hand to mouth feeding too in preparation to be the birthday boy on June 5. =)
    May 9 at 4:08pm · Like

    Angela Lombardo very nice work! He is just too cute!
    May 9 at 4:38pm · Like

    Graham Mather wow! That’s a really good sign for him! He must have a strong tounge.
    May 9 at 4:49pm · Like
    Gretchen Mather Yes, practicing oral motor skills like straw drinking is great for children with low muscle tone to help develop strength and lip closure and eventually this will help provide a basis for developing language skills too.
    May 9 at 4:51pm · Like

    Tanja McGuckian that’s amazing news! he’s just going to blow everyone away, isn’t he?
    May 9 at 7:59pm · Like

    Ayla Elizabeth Lebel Yay thats so exciting :o) good job Julian. Can*t wait to see you guys again hope you will be there this month.
    May 10 at 9:14am · Like

    Rebecca Eden Wolfe Lane adorable! go julian!
    May 10 at 2:09pm · Like

    Alyson Rogers Tanguay this is the best!
    May 10 at 3:42pm · Like

    Diane Mather Great job, Julian! Grandma is very proud of you!
    May 10 at 10:13pm · Like

    Sandy Rosen Grabicki so cute!!

  6. THESE ARE GREAT!!!! I can only imagine the hard work he had to put in to achieve all of these at such an early age. He is a rock star!

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