VIDEO: Julian Draws 8 Letters, Face, Person & Other Updates!

Hi everyone! Long time to blog. =)

Included below is an overall update first followed by a VIDEO of my little boy Julian at 3 years and 4 months drawing 8 letters  (H, T, L, I, A, O, Q and E), a face and a person. It is so amazing to watch him do this! (disclaimer – the video is quite long….but if you watch the first couple of minutes you see him draw a number of letters -…and the last few minutes are more letters, a face and a person).

Overall update:

Life has been keeping us busy and my two toddler boys continue to grow and do fun and new things every day.  The last time I blogged Julian had just turned 3 and I wrote an update on his new preschool and the therapies he receives there.

He LOOOOVES school and is fitting right in.  He says Hi to everyone, adores story time so much so that the teacher has to sometimes ask him to go back to his seat because he comes out of the circle to go get a closer look at the book.

When we drop him off in the morning, he knows right where to go to put his lunch (actually it is for snack) box in his cubby and he takes off his jacket with a little help. He loves to go around to all of the other cubbies and say the names of the other students. He can read most all of the names.

On the health front, Julian had his annual three year check up and his health is great.  He also had an eye exam and his eyes are still within range of not needing glasses, but are on the verge of needing them, so we need to keep getting his eyes checked (I think every 6 months).   He needed to have a neck x-ray because people with Down syndrome are at a higher risk for Atlantoaxial Instability which means that their cervical spine is at increased risk of injury.  About 15% of the Ds population has Atlantoaxial Instability which means they need to restrict physical activity. Julian’s neck checked out A-OK.

Julian Stats at 3 Years:
26 lbs (3%) 35 in (5%) at 3 years (my little peanut)

Anderson Stats at 1 year:
21.5 lbs (48%); 31 in. (86%) inches

As I post this – Julian at 3 years and 4 months is saying more and more words – one and two word phrases, sometimes three.  And he can sight read basic words in books.

Julian is becoming more and more of a “little man” and people have commented that he finally lost the round baby face he used to have. He is growing taller and finally went up a shoe size from size 5 to size 6.  Anderson wears size 5 shoes. We continue to get comments whenever we go out asking if they are twins (and usually commenting on how cute they are too). =)  Julian is still about 4 inches taller than Anderson but they wear size 24 months and 18 months respectively.

The boys have had more and more fun playing with each other, chasing each other and laughing hysterically with each other.

Here are some recent photos:

Anderson and Julian enjoying a fall nature walk:

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Above: Julian and Anderson getting tickled by daddy at the pumpkin patch.



Left: Julian the Dragon and Anderson as Roo from Winnie the pooh.




Julian meets Rachel from Signing Time!






















Julian was so in awe when he met Rachel at the MDSC Buddy Walk in Wakefield, he loved that he held her and he didn’t want to let go.  She also gave a little concert to everyone which was awesome.  Other than seeing all of our friends at the Buddy Walk, Rachel was the highlight!
Here are some Sign Language Posts from my blog that might be helpful if you are looking to learn more:

“What’s next”? How to Teach Your Baby to Read (& Sign)

VIDEO: My Baby Can Sight Read at 20 Months! (oh and he has Down syndrome)

VIDEO of Julian’s Sign Language at 19.5 months

That’s about it for now!

Julian’s progress with speaking, writing and reading make me excited for when he will enter Kindergarden. He is in an integrated preschool right now, where about half the class of 12 has some sort of special need, and half the class doesn’t.  The elementary school that he will go to is also integrated where students with special needs are included in the class with everyone else, and they get pulled out to get extra help with whatever they need.

How’s that for “more alike than different“?

And the key word in disability is ABILITY.  Tell me about your child’s abilities! I want to hear about every little milestone from starting to smile, to eating solids, to pulling up, to drinking from a straw cup, to crawling, to walking, to talking, to writing and reading, and more!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Ashley says:

    I soooo MISS him!! Big hugs to you Julian. I am jealous that your current teachers get to have you now. :)

  2. Kerry says:

    I somehow missed your post!! This is amazing!!! His concentration is so fantastic. I think you have quite an artist in the making! Awesome job Julian!!

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