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VIDEO: Julian sight reading progress at 27 months

Here is the latest video of Julian’s sight reading progress. He says a few of the words like hat, book, duck, dog, and stop sort of out loud…well at least tries to say some of the sounds in each word. … Continue reading

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All About Me – Julian Sherman (for Blue Room teachers)

Thought I’d share the recent letter I wrote to Julian’s new teachers in the “Blue Room” at school so they could really know who Julian was as the unique individual he is… He recently moved up from the Purple Room … Continue reading

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Julian Speech Development 26 months

Just a quick update on Julian’s speech sound development. By now if you are a fan of Julian’s you know he is a master of sign language (for all posts on that topic including how to get started teaching your … Continue reading

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Detailed Report: Julian 2 Year Evaluation

I posted a while back about what happens during a 2 year early intervention (EI) evaluation describing what types of activities they asked Julian to do and questions they asked of us.  I shared an initial snapshot of where Julian is … Continue reading

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Tom’s Garden June 2012

On this rainy dreary Boston morning, thought I’d post some recent pictures of some of Tom’s plants and flowers in our yard. The highlight is peonies – one of our wedding flowers!    

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Nursery Photos-We’re ready baby boy #2!

You can come any day now please….here are some photos of the nursery. We are ready for you! This photo below was taken at 36 weeks (as I write this post I am 36.5 weeks). Feeling big and ready to … Continue reading

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What Happens at a 2 yr Early Intervention Evaluation?

Curious as to what went on at Julian’s 2 year early intervention (EI) evaluation? I was too. Now that I sat through one, I will try to answer “what types of things to they test?” “What types of questions do … Continue reading

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Julian 2nd Birthday PHOTO BOMB !

As promised here are photos of Julian’s two birthday celebrations – one on Cape Cod over memorial day and one this past weekend at our house in Lexington.  We kept the parties small with just immediate family. Alyson and Brandon … Continue reading

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Julian Post-Surgery Update

Julian is back in daycare today – feeling chipper! He still has the steri strips on his eye (see some photos below) and we have an appointment on Monday with the plastic surgeon to check in.   His ears are … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Julian’s Completed Big Boy Room!

Well, I should say almost completed as we still have to put up a few more decorations on the wall…but I’d say it is pretty much done.  Below are photos!!  I purchased a few additional items since “Julian’s Big Boy … Continue reading

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